This is the summer of our discontent

(…or perhaps you can pick a season and call that your discontent, we don’t mind.)

To clarify things, the band isn’t my actual job, rather, I am a Quality Assurance guy who was, (very recently), asked to maintain and update the WordPress page for the company I work for….sorry…’for which I work‘.  And to that end, I have decided to step back into WordPress and offer you a little English lesson in grammar; to say nothing of my showing my boss that I am, indeed, capable…(culpable?)…of doing this thing.

RIGHT!  Let’s get to it. Now, we all know that ending our sentences in prepositions makes English teachers cringe.  To this end, I offer-up the following incorrect sentence format which employs the ever schoolmarm-annoying incorrect use of a preposition at the end of a sentence:


“Ending our sentences in prepositions is something that Sally cannot put up with.”  

Please note that the word ‘with’ is one of about 150 very annoying prepositions found in the English language.  You’re welcome, people new to the language, this is one of many pitfalls you have to look forward to.  (I did it again…)  What a pain in our collective asses.
Let’s see what happens when we correct this sentence to make Sally less annoyed…


“Ending our sentences in prepositions is something up with which Sally cannot put.”  

While this sentence structure makes Sally appear as if she has a stick right up her butt, it is grammatically correct.

But…there is nothing which states that we cannot end our sentences with a noun…


“Ending our sentences in prepositions is something that Sally cannot put up with…asshole…”  

While this may afford you a dirty look from Sally, it includes the under-used 2nd definition of the Ellipse, (represented by three dots), popularly-used by reporters to omit content from a quote because heaven-forbid we get the whole truth from Fox News.
In this case, we’ve used it to illustrate a sarcastic pause and is, (coincidentally), the…perfect…way…to piss Sally, (and Fox News), off. <— (did you see that?)

Please note while not grammatically correct, the use of the vernacular ‘to piss Sally, (and Fox News), off’ does-indeed employ the use of a preposition at the end of the sentence –but– this is one of many beautiful thing about our fair language.  With the advent of social media, the traditional grammatical Faux Pas, (French for ‘False Step’, by the way), is generally accepted in our conversational style of writing and at the end of the day, who really cares?

We do………………………………….WE DO.
That is all.

Class dismissed.

Principal Lewis
The Junkyard Academy


Officially released: ‘Class is in Session!’

“Class is in Session! Sit down….”  is how Lewis Nowosad starts each of his performances and it’s expected that the audience ignore his request as the first notes of Annabelle are played, the only thing one can expect to do is dance.  

The EP was a labor of love which took place through three personnel changes over the span of seven years.  Having never done this kind of thing before, Junkyard Academy pretty much lucked their way into free studio sessions at Ex’pression College of the Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA where teams of graduate level students would man the mixing board to track the songs during a class meant to emulate a real-world experience.

During the last session where the band recorded ‘White Noise’, a song which will be on the next album, a team of six students each had their own recording board located behind windows which faced into the recording space from which they could make their own individual decisions as to how they thought the levels and settings should be.  It took a long time to get this one song tracked, but at the end of the day we were more than happy to oblige the college with our patience as these students may go off to become known names in the recording industry.  It’s a true win/win relationship with the school.

Head over to our Band Camp page to pick up your copy of  ‘Junkyard Academy;  Class is in Session!’

Sing, Dance, Live…