Officially released: ‘Class is in Session!’

“Class is in Session! Sit down….”  is how Lewis Nowosad starts each of his performances and it’s expected that the audience ignore his request as the first notes of Annabelle are played, the only thing one can expect to do is dance.  

The EP was a labor of love which took place through three personnel changes over the span of seven years.  Having never done this kind of thing before, Junkyard Academy pretty much lucked their way into free studio sessions at Ex’pression College of the Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA where teams of graduate level students would man the mixing board to track the songs during a class meant to emulate a real-world experience.

During the last session where the band recorded ‘White Noise’, a song which will be on the next album, a team of six students each had their own recording board located behind windows which faced into the recording space from which they could make their own individual decisions as to how they thought the levels and settings should be.  It took a long time to get this one song tracked, but at the end of the day we were more than happy to oblige the college with our patience as these students may go off to become known names in the recording industry.  It’s a true win/win relationship with the school.

Head over to our Band Camp page to pick up your copy of  ‘Junkyard Academy;  Class is in Session!’

Sing, Dance, Live…



Junkyard Academy to attend The Sunset Sessions; Calrsbad

I am ordinarily the kind of guy who doesn’t get excited about as trip until the second or third day I am there. I was once at the shores of the Konigssee at the crooked hotel we stayed at in Berchtesgaden, looking across it’s placid waters which seamed neatly against the tall mountains of Germany and it suddenly occurred to me, despite the many hours I’ve spent taking in the country side from the back seat of the Opel we rented, that I am actually there.

About the only other time I’d got excited was when I was a kid before Christmas. I never got any sleep on Christmas Eve, for obvious reasons, but any other seemingly huge event I can pretty much keep it together for.

But next week on Wednesday morning, I board a plane to fly down to Southern California to meet up with a person whom I met at a music industry event last year dubbed; The Sunset Sessions.  It is a meeting of Radio, Television and Movie professionals; all of whom can possibly help break a new band onto the scene. I attended last year because they hosted it in San Francisco and it was an easy drive for me. I also paid a lot of coin to get the band on a stage there.  My hope being that we’d make some kind of impression with someone.  I handed out may of our business cards, shook a lot of hands, played my song to a few people on my iPod.  I got to meet Kahn Morbee of The Parlotones and he liked ‘Standing in the Rain‘, by the way – he took the ear buds out, smiled and repeated the last line of the song, (‘See you in Vegas’) nodding and chuckling – achievement unlocked!

I collected a couple of business cards and managed to stay in contact with the only person to approach me backstage after our show.  I’ll never forget that moment because I thought I was in trouble.  Karoline was making a bee line toward me pointing her finger in the fashion sends shivers down a kid’s spine because they were misbehaving, but….it was a good finger point.  She let me know that under no uncertain terms was I to quit doing what I’m doing, but only after stating that she liked what she heard, despite the sound system we played through.

I’m happy to say that I kept in touch with Karoline through playing Words with Friends and by making the occasional witty phone call to the station where she’s the music director (WJCU radio in Ohio, folks, tune in!). This year, she insisted I come to the Carlsbad edition of The Sunset Sessions…she insisted hard over two months and I caved.

So here I sit, typing about next week’s departure, the second time I will have ever flown alone – and I am quite surprised to report that I have been getting butterflies for a good solid two days. This must mean something…I’m not supposed to get all giddy about this until I’m in the pool at the resort where we’re staying.  What should I pack?  Which shoes will go with what outfit?  Should I bring my old Hawkeye C-126 camera with all those old flash cubes?

“Breath, Lewis…just breathe and be yourself” <—‘must be my muse talking, because I am finally writing songs again.

Something’s coming….Something big….



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